The FINAL gift
that we can give someone is
to honour their time on earth;

to celebrate the life they lived and to cherish the memory they leave behind.

Things are changing at Dying With Grace

I am excited to be designing my first ever Dying with Grace online course, entitled “designing your BEST LAST chapter”
which will be available in the fall of 2023. 
Watch for details on my new website, launching later this year! 

I can plan the event from beginning to end, or simply help with specific details, allowing you to be present with those you love. My goal is to help bring clarity at a most difficult time, to lessen the weight of the worry over details, and to help you to create an authentic and personal farewell.

If  instead, you are planning a farewell event on your own,  see our list of resources, including options and services, to support you and to help you navigate your options.


As a professional event planner and someone who has personally companioned three family members
at end of life,  I enter into this work from a place of kindness and compassion.

I am here to facilitate whatever you need and want to have happen around your event.

“What a tremendous job you have done for us, an extremely professional demeanour and always positive and energetic approach.

– Mark –