“when your footsteps and thoughts carry you down the same path your heart and soul are directing you, you will know without a doubt that you are headed in the right direction.”



I am excited to be designing my first ever Dying with Grace online course, entitled “designing your BEST LAST chapter”
which will be launched in the fall of 2023. 

Watch for details on my new website livinganddyingwithgrace.com, launching later this year! 

I believe that saying farewell in a heart centred and meaningful way is our final gift to those we love; honouring the life they lived and the legacy they leave. As one who has said goodbye to those I have loved, I recognize that planning a death event (funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life), is sacred.  We are called to come together at a time when we may be at our most vulnerable and heart heavy.

At this time of life, perhaps more than any other, we need to lean in, to support and lift each other up, knowing that we are all connected in community.


In the summer of 1995, my husband and I moved to Vancouver Island, to raise our three children with their elders, and to fulfill a dream to assist my parents to age in place and eventually die at home.

Since 1997 I have been supporting loved ones through end of life and for the past few years, I have been part of a conversation around ‘doing death better’.

I am the co visionary behind the annual Deathly Matters Conference in Victoria, BC. and am currently developing an online course – ‘designing your BEST LAST chapter” which will be available in the fall of 2023.  My new website livinganddyingwithgrace, will be launched later this year. 

I acknowledge with gratitude that the land on which I live, learn, and love, is the traditional territory of the Pacheedaht and T’Sou-Ke peoples. 


My intention at Dying with Grace is to to take away the burden of event planning by providing a service that brings together the most important details, to help create the funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life that best honours and celebrates those you loved.

I consider it a privilege to work with those who are nearing end of life and those who love them, to create a memorable farewell that represents their life’s journey.


I have been an independent event planner and professional writer since the mid 1990’s, dedicated to service and open to possibility. As a planner, I have worked in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, and planned both small and large-scale events for a number of different clients. As a writer, I write about intergenerational living, creating intentional community, living or best life and dying a good death. I feel privileged to be called upon to write obituaries, eulogies, and stories about lives lived.


What I offer at Dying with Grace, are customized and personal farewell events, as well as stories of lives lived.  I provide only the event planning or writing services that are needed and nothing more.  

“Linda exudes positivity, is a consummate listener, has exceptional communication skills and all of that in combination with her efficient, organized approach guarantees each event is a success. She grants divine assistance to each person with whom she interacts.”

– Denny –