“what we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us”



Every life is unique and every farewell is different. What matters most when we honour lives, is that it is authentic, true to the memory of the one who lived, and meaningful to the ones who are still living.

What I do at Dying with Grace, is provide both event planning and writing services. I work with each client to provide a customized and personal farewell event, providing only the elements that are needed and nothing more.


I have provided a growing list  of resources to help you design your own event, if you prefer to work on your own.


I can take on a little or a lot of the event components; farewell location/venue, program, catering, flowers, gifts, music, written/printed pieces, etc.

I work at many known and local venues but can also plan an event at home, on a beach, or in the woods – you decide on the place that has the most meaning.


As a professional writer I can offer writing
services including eulogies & obituaries, stories of lives to be shared, programs for service, invitations, thank you cards, or newspaper/online announcements.


I can share ideas on how to personalize the event, incorporate faith, culture, ritual, and family traditions, and can source unique and special event items, to produce meaningful moments.


Our 2019 Deathly Matters Conference was a SOLD OUT success. 
We are so grateful to all who contributed to the community conversation. 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 23rd, 2020   

How we relate to death and how we navigate and support this rite of passage is learned. For many, the mainstream narratives of death and dying no longer feel adequate in teaching us what we need to know to approach end-of-life in empowering and informed ways. There is a growing interest in “doing death better”.

Join us for a day of community connection and learning to explore holistic approaches to end-of-life in ways that are empowering and offer choice. Whether you are curious for personal reasons, supporting another in their end-of life, interested in this field as a career, or are already a professional, this day will have something to offer you.

To find our more and to register: 


If you would like to work together, I invite you to be in touch without obligation.

Linda approaches every event with integrity, grace and compassion, and each detail is executed to perfection.  Her calm demeanor, organization and genuine wish to help people is demonstrated through every interaction.  I can honestly say that there is no one I would trust more with a meaningful event than Linda.

– Sarah –